Point of Use Ionizing Blower
The smallest and most versatile blower available for equipment or local area ionization. It is ideal for use inside or on top of production equipment. Battery operated model is very useful on field service call.
Discharge time: from 1000V to 100V < 10s at 60cm
Emitter points: tungsten alloy, internally shielded, 5 years life
Air flow: 15m3/h
Power requirement: 24Vac 5W
Dimensions: 11.4x8.4x5.1cm

9265.560 Point-of-use ionizing blower, 24Vdc
9265.544 Wall transformer 230/24Vdc 32W (can operate three ionizers)
9265.564 Battery operated ionizing blower with power pack and wall transformer

6432 Local Area Ionizing Blower
Controls static discharge in mid-sized areas, it is indicated for general workbenches applications, conveyors, equipment.
Discharge time: from 1000V to 100V < 7s at 60cm
Emitter points: tungsten alloy, internally shielded, 5 years life
Air flow: 80m3/h
Power requirement: 24Vac 5W
Coverage area: 122x46cm

9265.576 Local area ionizing blower 24Vac 6W transformer 230Vac included

6442 Three Speed Ionizing Blower
High performance ionizing blower features an adjustable two speed fan for varying applications as workbenches, conveyors, robotics, packaging.
Discharge time: from 1000V to 100V < 3s at 60cm
Emitter points: tungsten alloy, internally shielded, 2 years life
Air flow: 70m3/h
Power requirement: 24Vac 50-60Hz
Coverage area: 122x61cm

9265.586 Full-feature ionizing blower 230/24VAC transformer included

6460 Overhead Ionizing Blower
It is the smart ionizer that provides reliable, adaptable performance in the most static sensitive environments. Designed for mounting over the benches or conveyors it allows a complete 3D neutralisation of the static charges without compromising space over the table and in the most comfortable environment.
Discharge time: from 1000V to 100V < 8s at 60cm
Emitter points: tungsten alloy, internally shielded, 2 years life
Ion Balance: 20V measured 60cm under the blower
Coverage area: 90x120cm
Air Speed: adjustable hi-low settings
Air Flow: 380m3/h
Power requirement: 100-230, 30w
9265.592 Overhead blower, 2 fan, length 813cm

The GO-SMOKE exhauster is a convenient and economical solution to the fumes associated with soft soldering. Fumes close to the worker are drawn in, filtered and directed towards the ceiling where supplementary ventilation can be eventually provided. There are two models, both of them are equipped with an axial fan and a cellular activated filter , which filters out some of the colophony, tin and lead vapours contained in the fumes. The filter should be replaced every 100 working hours.

Table model
This portable suction unit is light, space saving, and quiet. By using an adjustable support, the exhauster can be held above the table at different heights and tilted at different angles.
Technical features:
Power: 20W
Air volume: 130 m(cubed)/h
Noise: 45 dB (A)

7915.035: set of 4 spare filters

Hanging model
With an adjustable bracket, it is a better solution to reach a larger area of the workbench. This model is also available with a halogen lamp with power control.
Technical features:
Power: 20W
Air volume: 130 m(cubed)/h
Noise: 45 dB (A)

The MASTER-FILTER set is a good way of dealing with hazardous fumes associated with curcuit board soldering, consisting of a filtering unit connecting two table aspirators. The filtering unit consists of two distinct and separate aspirators: the first one is a mechanical fliter providing a progressive filtering action on the fumes, and the second one is an active charcoal filter absorbing vapours and smell. The air intake of the aspirator unit is an adjustable semirigid plastic pipe (70mm dia.).

Filtering unit
Mechanical and active charcoal filter containing 1.8kg amorphous active charcoal
Dimensions: 600x220x270mm
Weight: 8.5kg

8012.004: Spare mechanical filter
8012.005: Spare charcoal filter

Aspirator unit
Mains: 220V, 50Hz 130W
Air volume: 230 m(cubed)/h
Noise: 60dB(A)
Dimensions: 260x160x300mm
Weight: 6kg

8012.003: Flexible connecting pipe 100mm dia.(max. lenght 6m)

The AG25 is a high efficiency, very quiet unit for dealing with the fumes given off during the soldering process. The filter unit consists of a two layer activated filter. One layer is a mechanical filter and the other is an active charcoal filter, which considerably reduces (through absorption) the hazardous fumes associated with hand soldering. The unir comes with a bench mount clamp for hanging above the work area.

Technical features
Power: 53 watts - 115V
Air volume: 108cfm
Fan speed: 1150rpm

Filters are supplied in packs of ten. Filter life is 3-5 weeks under normal conditions.