A professional line of assembly jigs for PCB's, designed to simplify placing and soldering of electronic components. The PCSA0 is the smallest jig and is supplied with only one sliding rail. PCSA1, PCSA2 and PCSA4 are supplied with central and two sliding rails as standards. Additional rails may be added to accomodate a large number of small boards. The frame and lid assembly may be detached from the mounting base. After mounting the components on the PCB's, the foam back lid is attached and closed, and the whole assembly is lifted and rotated for soldering. An ingenious design of the base permit an adjustable working angle on both side of the PCB's. The jig is varnished steel, and the component pressing foam is in conductive material.

7915.597 PCSA0 PCB's holder, max working dimensions 210x180mm
7915.599 PCSA1 PCB's holder, max working dimensions 270x220mm
7915.601 PCSA2 PCB's holder, max working dimensions 500x220mm
7915.605 PCSA4 PCB's holder, max working dimensions 500x350mm
7915.608 Additional sliding rail for PCSA0
7915.610 Additional sliding rail for PCSA1
7915.612 Additional sliding rail for PCSA2 and PCSA4

LABEFIX trays are used for component insertion before wave soldering of the PCBs. A special foam gently holds the leads until the PCB is removed for wave soldering. The foam doesn't crumble, or pollute and has a very long life. Material: zinc plated material base, polyethilene closed cell (cross linked foam density ISO 845 60Kg/m^3, thickness 7mm) Weight: 1Kg

7610.100 Standard tray 530x330x8mm with foam (other dimensions on request)
7610.110 Foam only 500x330x7mm

The MODULINE adjustable circuit boards holders have multiple uses in the static-free environment. At workstations they hold PCBs during insertion, assembly, testing, burn-in and rework. Material: static dissipative polyprophylene, black colour Dimensions: 285x145x80mm Surface resistivity: 10^7 - 10^10 Ohm

7610.011 Dissipative PCB holder with 1 clamp and 2 clips
7610.012 Dissipative adjustable clamp
7610.013 Dissipative board supporting clips
7610.014 Dissipative PCB holder without clamp